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Todd’s emotive lyrics, earthy tones and raw appeal connect to a wide variety of listeners. His songs float from intricate folk fingerpicking styles to driving rhythms that stir the soul. His stories of Australian landscapes and people are accompanied with mesmerising instrumentation and a depth that always engages and entertains.  

Todd Cook has five studio releases; ‘So Long’ (2008), ‘Hunting Ground’ (2010),  Brilliant Green (2012), The Silent Boat (2018) and Salt of the Earth (2022). Drawing inspiration from both the lush green fields of Gippsland where he grew up, and the rich, remote areas of the Northern Territory and recently the ancient streets of Edinburgh. Each song reveals a meeting place for sounds, techniques and lyrics that connect north to south, remote to mainstream, and traditional to contemporary. His music takes the audience on a journey from dark turbulent songs, witnessed first-hand when Todd was living in a remote Northern Territory community, to lively acoustics of joy and celebration.

 “There are some great songs off this album.” Sarah Howells JJJ Australia.

 “Gorgeous pure tones,” Three Weeks Edinburgh

Todd Cook and The Rufous Whistlers. - The Rufous Whistler is a native bird to East Gippsland and is found across mainland Australia. This small but mighty bird arrived in Todd’s backyard following the recent Black Summer Fires. It would sing every morning and fill the landscape with a proud song and melody. With performances at the recent Bruthen Blues and Arts Festival, Black Cockatoo’s rural show and a number of community events in East Gippsland, Todd Cook and The Rufous Whistlers are already proving they are in demand. Todd’s unique storytelling and emotive lyrics are supported by a solid foundation of harmony and rhythm, built on friendship during hard times. These songs and performances promote hope, regrowth and unison of communities. 

All of Todd’s releases have been well received with wide airplay on national radio Triple Js- “Roots n All”, Community stations such as; P.B.S Roots of Rhythm, Gippsland FM, and Internationally on ABC (Scotland), Cross Blues (France), and Radio Vilafant- (Spain). Todd has cut his teeth on some of the best live music venues in Melbourne with headline shows at the Evelyn (Brunswick) and The Espy (St. Kilda). He has also played a long list of festivals around Australia including Yackandandah Folk Festival,(2011) Mt Beauty Music Muster (2014, 2011), Boolarra Folk Festival (2014, 2010), Natimuk Frinj (2013, 2009) and The Mornington RAW Music Festival (2012) that feature some of the best artists in Australia.  

‘Brilliant Green', Todd Cook’s third release is a collaboration between local artists and musicians, it reflects the story of recovery after the Black Saturday fires, which affected so many people in the local area. Teaming up with poet Rodney Williams, musicians Dave Cuthbertson (The Animators) and Ben Franz (The Waifs). Todd has created a track that vividly describes an inspiring image of re-growth and hope.  The E.P consists of 4 tracks, recorded, mixed and mastered by David Cuthbertson at Sound Farm studios Drouin.  All songs feature Todd’s unique hand-built Tarrant guitar as the vehicle for his open guitar style fingerpicking.

Fire been all around, Fire Left no sound

Fire takes what it needs, black charcoal and brilliant green.

During 2012/2013 Todd was based in the U.K taking his music to a wider audience. He performed in the 2012 and 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival where he received four stars for his solo show. He has also played headline shows at the Crescent Arts Centre (Belfast, Northern Ireland), The Galway Fringe Festival (Galway, Ireland), Ribfest2013 (Madrid, Spain), Flummoxed Music Festival (South East England), Jocktoberfest (Inverness, Scotland) as well as performing at some iconic venues in London, such as the Half Moon Putney and 12 Bar Club Soho. Each venue he has performed in has seen people moved by the depth of his writing and his outstanding instrumentation.

 “Todd has a passionate voice and plays a mean folky guitar.” Fried Gold Music (Inverness, Scotland)

 “Blew us away.” Peter Garret Flummoxed Music Festival (Eng) management.

Todd's 2018 release ' The Silent Boat', Celebrates the 150th anniversary of the first Australian Cricket team (also first international sporting team) to tour England in 1868,  the new EP, ‘The Silent Boat’, to conveys this epic and relatively untold part of Australian History. The team, predominately made up of indigenous players from Western Victoria, displayed outstanding sportsmanship and skill and their story is a beacon of hope in a dark page of Australian history. The Silent Boat E.P,  was recorded, mixed and mastered by Robin Mai (John Butler- Sun Rise over Seas and Augie March- Moo you Bloody Choir) at Woodstock Studios Melbourne. The list of world-class musicians who also performed on the recording - Danny Mckenna (Jeff Lang) on drums, Ben Franz (The Waifs) on double bass and Alex Burkoy (Tin Pan Orange) on Violin - helps take these well-crafted songs to the next level.





Monday’s lunchtime offering is from Melbourne’s singer-songwriter Todd Cook. An acoustic guitar/ didgeridoo combo opens the set in style, and Cook soon introduces his vocals into the mix, revealing gorgeous pure tones, finest in the top of his range. His songs are endearingly personal, like journal entries of his homeland experience, including an almost fatal bush fire. Cook’s list of musical accomplishments increases throughout the set, as he adds a mouth organ to give a raw, Springsteen-esque edge to his acoustic melodies. Tip for promoters: give Cook a late performance slot; his talent warrants a packed-out bar of cheering spectators.

Malones Irish Bar, 3-27 August, 12.00pm.
Three Weeks rating 4/5 | [Christy Brown]

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